By Ariel Dorfman

Directed by Jake Scaltreto


Daniel Lucas, the government’s top censor, is confronted with a manuscript that threatens to expose his darkest secrets. In his quest to uncover the story’s author, he finds that not only do its words reveal the secrets of his past, but that they may also predict the details of his future. As the worlds of fiction and reality clash and combine, a nightmarish reality emerges where any one of us can be cut, recut, and redacted into oblivion, spotlighting the harsh consequences of bureaucratic control over the flow of information.


  • Daniel / Don AlfonsoRobin Gabrielli 
  • Enrique / Nick / MalkoJames Hayward 
  • Tanya / SoniaSara Jones 
  • Jacqueline / IreneRachel Sacks 
  • The DirectorSamuel Frank 
  • The ManMatthew Zahnzinger 

Production Staff

  • DirectorJake Scaltreto 
  • ProducerKevin Mullins
  • Stage ManagerAmy Lehrmitt
  • Set DesignerNiki DeSimini
  • Lighting DesignerChris Bocchiaro
  • Sound DesignerChris Larson
  • Costume DesignerLindsay Eagle
  • Technical DirectorLeigh Downes
  • Assistant Tech DirectorAdam Teti
  • Build CrewBecca Dunham
  • Master ElectricianKevin Zabrecky
  • Graphic DesignerStewart Holmes
  • Marketing LiaisonCoriana Hunt Swartz
  • Violence ConsultantCameron Beaty Gosselin
  • Board OpCaitlin Mason
  • Wardrobe ManagerCoriana Hunt Swartz
  • House ManagerKevin Mullins

Production Details


  • Advance: $20
  • Door: $25
  • Student Rush: $10

Show Times

(*) = Pay-What-You-Can
  • Friday, Jun 13, 2014 8PM
  • Saturday, Jun 14, 2014 8PM
  • Sunday, Jun 15, 2014 2PM
  • Thursday, Jun 19, 2014 8PM*
  • Friday, Jun 20, 2014 8PM
  • Saturday, Jun 21, 2014 8PM


Arsenal Center for the Arts

321 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA
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